Buy projector Online best price Mumbai  IndiaMaybe you have a class of clean, well behaved little angels? Or maybe not?
Either way, Interactive-board is designed to cope. It’s just another of the advantages of having our kit designed by teachers. And then tested to the highest degree. Made with a solid screen, little kids, or big ones, can safely lean on it or rest their hands against it when writing. Dirty or paint smeared hands make no difference to its performance.

Kick it… hit it… throw a coin at it… stick a compass in it… it’ll still carry on working. It’ll also happily cope with temperature changes. The secret? Sitting behind the screens is our specially designed electromagnetic grid. It’s unaffected by any damage to the screen surface.

And, by crosschecking three separate sets of co-ordinates, it allows incredible accuracy. On-screen tools, such as protractors, for example, can measure down to a single degree. While our mouse pen writes just like a pen. And, with cursor, rollover, and click functions, acts just like a mouse. Minus, of course, those nasty squeaking noises… from chalk.