IP Phone Mumbai | Small Business Phone System IndiaDigital communication is a reliable  way to communicate, the advantages are less sensitivity to changes in environmental conditions (temperature, etc.), Easy multiplexing, Easy signaling, Hook status, address digits, call progress information, Voice and data integration, Easy processing like encryption and compression, Easy system performance monitoring, QOS monitoring, Integration of transmission and switching, Signal regeneration, operation at low SNR, superior performance.

A small capacity digital PBX-key system which uses a single processor to control the system. Since only a single processor is employed, the system is interrupt controlled. In the system, there is a codec per line, the codec each having sufficient programmability to eliminate the need for time slot interchangers. To provide as many as 64 (or more) channels usable for speech, tones and conferencing, two (or more) parallel, 32 channel busses are used as the group bus. The stations and trunks (ports) of the system have access to both busses through the codecs. Information is routed to one or another bus through the transmission of bus control bits from the processor.

The heart and brains of your communications network, the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) can be the vital link-or the missing link-that interfaces businesses and their customers. From the recognized expert in telephony systems, provides answers. Whether you need to IP-enable a PBX system for a small business, make complex choices for an advanced call center, or gain the expertise to integrate a variety of communication systems into a state-of-the-art foundation for your e-business vision, PBX Systems for IP Telephony should be your first choice.